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Salon Shears

Precision Sharpening
—an absolute must!

Experienced, Local, Dependable, Affordable

  • Salon Quality Shears
  • Japanese Style with Convex Radius
  • High Quality Convex German Shears
  • Traditional Beveled Shears
  • Thinning Shears
  • Training Shears and Exotics

We specialize in maintaining the very important 800 millimeter "factory engineered" edge on your expensive Japanese and German convex shears. We're specialists in sharpening and maintaining short bladed shears as well.

For Best Results
Have Your Shears Professionally Sharpened Every 60 to 90 Days

Of course, how often your shears need to be sharpened depends on several factors — the coarseness of the hair you cut, dirty hair, dry hair, wet hair, color treated hair — all impact the cutting edge of your shears. The quality of the steel and how you care for your shears between cuts and at the end of every day also plays a major role in how often your shears will need to be sharpened.

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